Patricia Arquette finds nude scenes "terrifying".

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

The 51-year-old actress had to strip off for her role in 1997's 'Lost Highway' and admits it was tough as there was "a lot of people hanging around" on set.

She said: "Nude scenes are terrifying. When I began acting, nobody took me through the process. But there was always a coven of women around with robes so you could cover yourself immediately afterwards. I'm sure this is probably illegal now, but when I had to be naked in 1997's 'Lost Highway', it was supposed to be a closed set but there were still a lot of people hanging around. So I said, 'OK, I'm going to take off my robe. They've asked you not to be here if you don't need to be here. I'm going to turn around and if I see you and I know you don't need to be here, I'm going to come and punch you in the face.' All of a sudden, 30 people ran away."

And Patricia has praised the #MeToo movement, which has encouraged people to speak out about sexual harassment they have experienced.

She added to The Times magazine: "#MeToo isn't just about Hollywood. I've experienced sexual harassment in every job I have had - except for when I worked at Planned Parenthood. That was the only place I didn't get any sort of weird sexual pressure or have to rebuff somebody who wouldn't leave me alone. Thank God so many women came forward.

"The #MeToo movement was started by the activist Tarana Burke but it wasn't until much later, when people like my sister Rosanna [one of the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment] came forward with their stories, that people really started to listen. This conversation has been a long time coming. (sic)"

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