Patricia Arquette has quit smoking because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette

The 51-year-old actress revealed that she has given up on smoking and vaping due to the serious health risks posed by COVID-19, which affects the lungs of victims.

Posting on Twitter, Patricia revealed: "As COVID-19 attacks the lungs one of the most important things you can do is to quit smoking and vaping. I'm in day 3. Care to join?"

The 'Boyhood' star also offered encouragement to a fan who was trying to kick the habit after 24 years, suggesting that she needs to go "cold turkey" to beat the virus.

Patricia wrote: "We can do this, this f***ing virus attacks lungs. We don't want to be on ventilators. We gotta do it cold turkey."

She has previously admitted that she "hates" smoking and was determined to quit for good.

The 'Medium' star said: "I smoke, even though I hate it. I need to quit once and for all. There's nothing good in it. It's just one of my immature little ways."

Earlier this year, Patricia won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'The Act'.

During the after-party she accidentally hit co-star Joey King on the head with the award, although she made light of the situation by describing herself as a "method actor".

She quipped: "I'm a method actor, right?"

The 'True Romance' star also claimed that Joey was partly to blame for the incident.

Patricia said: "I love my Joey King. And that was ... I mean, it happens, it was half club and half head butt, so I mean we both contributed to that violent place."

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