Paris Jackson is taking the "lead" with her siblings.

Prince and Paris Jackson

Prince and Paris Jackson

The 22-year-old singer and her brother Prince have been huge supporters for their younger sibling, Bigi, and they have been "mentoring" him amidst finding themselves too.

A source said: "She realises she can’t fulfil Michael’s dream of making this world a better place if she’s not here to take the lead. Prince has been quietly working in the television and music industry, producing some great stuff. They’ve always been close, but there had been so much going on in everyone’s life that Paris may have felt lost. And Prince was still finding himself while also trying to mentor their younger brother Bigi [formerly known as Blanket].

"About four years ago, Prince really stood up and grew into the role that Michael envisioned, which is being a strong big brother to both of them. He’s Paris’ father figure."

And music runs through the family, continuing on through the generations.

The insider added to the New York Post newspaper: "The family is music, and Bigi sees his sister making music, his cousins all making music, and of course they know their father’s history and the history of their aunts and uncles."