Olly Murs thinks he's "very annoying to live with".

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

The 36-year-old pop star has learned more about himself amid the coronavirus crisis, and revealed he's been "pestering" his girlfriend Amelia Tank to help make TikTok videos over recent months.

He said: "I’ve learned I’m very annoying to live with this year, especially feeling semi-retired over lockdown. I was definitely bored and pestering Amelia to do TikTok videos with me when she has a full-time job."

Olly is set to enjoy a low-key New Year's Eve due to the UK's coronavirus restrictions.

But the 'Heart Skips a Beat' hitmaker has loads planned for next year, including recording new music and touring.

Asked what he's planning next, Olly told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "It’ll be Amelia and I and some good food seeing in new year from my flat in London - no parties, like everyone else.

"My resolution is to entertain my fans, doing what I love the most. They wanted new music and have been hounding me about it, so their wish is my command.

"I’ll be back in the studio writing as I’m keen to bring music out next year and I’ll be on 'The Voice' from January 2 for my fourth year as a coach. Plus I have a summer UK tour in loads of amazing outdoor locations, so I’m looking forward to getting back on the road performing."

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Olly revealed he'd questioned life's meaning during the coronavirus lockdown.

The pop star said: "I was excited about so many things happening in 2020. I had Soccer Aid, holidays, 'The Voice', projects with my TV company and I had a new haircut. Lockdown sidetracked it all and I found comfort in eating things I love, like chocolate.

"On the surface it looked like I was having loads of fun with Amelia. But I’ve had some really tough days where I was thinking, "What’s my purpose?'"

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