Octavia Spencer wants Ellen Degeneres to "hook her up" with Brad Pitt.

Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer

The 46-year-old actress has joked she's keen to start romancing the 'Fight Club' star - who split from his estranged wife Angelina Jolie in 2016 after two years of marriage - and says she wants her close pal and TV show host Ellen to bridge the gap and set them up.

Speaking as she appeared on Ellen's eponymously titled talk show, the 'Hidden Figures' star teased: "Did Brad Pitt say something about me? Is that what this is about? Because I saw him Sunday and I squeezed him, is that what this is about? Well, you can hook me up with Brad.

"But we're just friends, Brad and I. Brad Pitt."

Octavia's comments come after she recently said wants to have children, and although she's frozen her eggs, she thinks they're "expiring on the shelf" and won't last much longer, so she is pursuing other means of having children in order to fulfil her motherhood dream.

She said: "I had always seen myself as a parent of three. Since we haven't found Mr. Right, my eggs are ... they're expiring on the shelf, so. Those days are dwindling. But there are other avenues, there are other ways to have children now. So I'm not saying I'm never going to be a parent, but I probably won't be the biological mother."

The 'Zootopia' actress lost her own mother when she was 18, five years after the death of her father, but previously admitted her mother's "disadvantages" have helped influence her own decisions in life.

She said: "The woman who has inspired the most is my mother. I am a product of her disadvantages in life, and she tried to make sure that we took advantage of all of the opportunities that were afforded to us.

"We had more than she did, and a lot less than a lot of people, even to this day. So she is the one woman that I credit everything to."