Noel Gallagher won't take a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

The 'Don't Look Back in Anger' hitmaker - who has previously hit out at having to wear a face covering during the global pandemic - isn't keen on the idea of having a vaccination for Covid-19, if and when one becomes available.

Appearing on Matt Morgan's podcast, he argued: "I get the washing of the hands and the social distancing and all that but when you’ve actually been now told to cover up your face. I don’t mind other people wearing them, that’s your personal f****** choice.

"Now we’re going to have to wear them. I was out shopping the other day and you can’t get in a f****** shop.

“I’d be very, very wary of taking a vaccine. I don’t even take tablets ... I take a course of tablets for different things now because I’m f****** 53 and starting the last leg.

"But the last resort for me is taking tablets. It’s not a thing I’ve ever done, I don’t revert to a tablet for everything, power through it and eventually it f****** goes.”

However, the former Oasis rocker has still been tested for the respiratory illness, and claimed he's "never had it" despite admitting to breaking rules and not following government guidance.

He added: “I haven’t got it and I’ve never had it. Yes, I’ve been tested. I had to go to hospital for something and I got tested, I’ve never had it.

"I was shocked, actually. I’ve never adhered your any of the rules I’ve carried on my life as normal and I was convinced that I would have it. I’ve never had it and Sara got tested and she’s never had it.”

“It clearly does exist, my whole thing with it is the overreaction of the great British public to it. It’s a f****** virus, we get them all the time and it kills people and all that, but if you’re moderately f****** healthy you’re going to feel s*** for a couple of weeks, I’ve had hangovers that have lasted a couple of f****** weeks."

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