Nicole Scherzinger has compared Pussycat Dolls' "empowering" 'X Factor' performance to Lizzo's body positivity.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

The 41-year-old singer has claimed it was unfair that the 'Don't Cha' hitmakers - also comprised of Carmit Bachar, Kimberly Wyatt, Ashley Roberts and Jessica Sutta - were criticised for their raunchy performance on 'The X Factor: Celebrity' in November, and has defended their decision to wear sheer PVC outfits on the teatime show, insisting their intention was not so dissimilar to the 'Truth Hurts' singer's body confidence "movement".

Speaking to The Times newspaper, Nicole said: "If you have people like Lizzo leading the movement of accepting yourself and they don't get any criticism, then why are we getting this criticism?

"When we perform, we perform from a place of passion and power.

"We're not floundering out there just trying to be cute.

"We come like warriors out there and people feel empowered by that."

The group received 400 viewer complaints during last year's live final after they danced around the stage wearing underwear, sheer bodysuits and PVC stockings.

However, the Dolls - who were originally a burlesque group before forming as a pop group in 2003 - claimed the audience didn't understand their performance.

Kimberly added: "Coming from a dance background performance, we bring a different energy, and people might be scared of that.

"We are provocative, but at least it [pushed people] to look at themselves and be like, 'Why am I so upset about this?'"

What's more Kimberly says the reason she teaches dance classes for both kids and adults is to help them get in touch with their bodies.

She continued: "That's why I teach Bring Your Own Heels dance classes, and I go in and I explain what dance is about: owning your space and wearing heels and throwing down and getting lost in music, connecting to your body.

"And just allowing a space for kids and adults to be you, be fearless, be authentic."