Nicola Roberts has asked theatre bosses to paint her dressing room pink so she feels like she's "at home".

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

The 34-year-old singer is starring in 'City of Angels' at the Garrick Theatre in London and wants to be able to relax before and after the shows so is keen for her surroundings to reflect the interior choices she made in her own house.

She said: "My home décor is quite French. There are plants everywhere, a baby pink sofa, and low lighting.

"There's a little gold sofa and lots of pink. I've asked the theatre to paint my dressing room pink so I feel like I'm at home."

The production has introduced the former Girls Aloud star to some movies she had never seen before and she's found them very calming.

She explained to Grazia magazine: "'City of Angels' is set in the 1930s and my character's an aspiring actor called Avril.

"I wasn't that big on old Hollywood films before, but this has introduced me to them.

"I've been watching a lot of film noir, everything is very slow and the music is so elegant - it puts you in a really calm state."

Nicola also finds visiting the gym very relaxing and thinks it's essential for her to be as fit as possible for her stage role.

She said: "Usually I try to go to the gym in the evening but rehearsals have taken over so the gym's gone out of the window.

"But often I'd spend an hour there and have a sauna and steam.

"If I do half an hour of exercise, it keeps my cardio and stamina up. For this performance, I have to sing and dance, so if I'm not fit, I'll sound out of breath and I can't have that.

"I have meditated in the past, but I think the gym is like meditation if you get into the swing of it."