Nick Jonas "never" expected to see Jay Z rocking out to 'Year 3000'.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

The Roc Nation boss was at Madison Square Garden this week to watch the Jonas Brothers - who are signed to his record label - in concert, and fans were delighted when a video surfaced of him dancing to their cover of Busted's hit track.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight', Nick said: "I mean, he's a part of the team. I'm a Roc Nation artist, we are Roc Nation's artists.

"He wrote me and said, 'I'm coming tonight, I can't wait'... The fact that he was there supporting during 'Year 3000' is kind of a scenario I never thought would happen."

After the show, the singer and his wife Priyanka Chopra headed out for his tequila launch, and it meant a lot having her there to support him.

He added: "She was there actually the first time we went to our tequila farm in Tequila, Mexico, and it was a big part of the process.

"For us, family is the most important and keeping this, something that our family and friends can enjoy the same way that first time we went down there and had that amazing experience and tried to create the culture around Villa One.

"The fact that she's here tonight drinking reposado with us is a special thing."

Meanwhile, Nick has jokingly accepted Mariah Carey's invitation to start a band with the loved up couple.

He teased: "I'm down. If Mariah wants to start the band, I'm for it. Priyanka went to her show in London I think. Actually, while we were there meeting with our London distributors for Villa One and she had the best time.

"We were randomly at the same restaurant as Mariah, and unfortunately she couldn't come to the show tonight because she had her own show, but in Vegas, we're going to go see Mariah. It's going to be fun."