Nadine Coyle's anxiety "went through the roof" after she had a baby.

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle

The 34-year-old pop star has admitted to giving herself a "hard time" ever since the birth of her six-year-old daughter Anaiya.

She shared: "I definitely found that my anxiety went through the roof after having Anaiya.

"There is no time to switch off. Even when I'm working, I'm worrying about whether I'm working too much. I think working mums always give themselves a hard time because you want to be there to do every breakfast, lunch, dinner and school pick-up."

Nadine - who first found fame as a member of Girls Aloud - revealed her daughter has already expressed an interest in following in her footsteps.

Asked whether Anaiya understands her job, Nadine told OK! magazine: "She knows I'm a singer.

"She doesn't like watching my old Girls Aloud videos because she doesn't like it when I throw my hair around with loads of make-up on. She doesn't recognise me.

"She says she'd like to be a singer when she's older and I can see her being an opera singer as she has an operatic voice."

Nadine split from Anaiya's dad, Jason Bell, in 2019 - but the singer insisted they've retained a great relationship.

Nadine - who moved back to the UK in recent years after previously living in Los Angeles with her family - explained: "It's really good. Co-parenting is working really well for us as we always put Anaiya first.

"Jason moved over here too when I moved back from LA, and he lives up the road. We still do lots of things together, we even go away together. Our relationship evolved into a friendship, but he's definitely part of the family and always will be."