Nadine Coyle thinks she's been receiving signs from her late Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding.

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

The 36-year-old singer starred in the chart-topping girl group alongside Sarah, who died of breast cancer in September at the age of 39, and Nadine claims she can still feel her presence.

Sarah - who has recently been shooting 'Last Singer Standing' in Ireland - told 'The Ryan Tubridy Show': "I was so close to her in life. There's definitely been things ... she's made her presence known a few times. As I was shooting the show, it was right in the middle of it all and people were being so kind.

"There was a couple of days when the headphones just flew across the table and it happened three days in a row and the make-up girls were saying, 'That has to be Sarah'.

"One night I was taking about me in my house and something flew off the shelf. I was like, 'Is this Sarah?' I'm still thinking she's going to phone."

Nadine was filming 'Last Singer Standing' when she learned of Sarah's passing.

And the pop star explained that her work schedule didn't allow her time to grieve.

She said: "The show was scheduled, everything was booked. There was no way they could take a break for me to grieve. It was straight back into work.

"Everyone was so kind and patient with me, it was great."

Sarah revealed news of her cancer diagnosis in August last year, and then confirmed that her condition was terminal in March.

Nadine admits that it's been a "traumatic" time and described Sarah as a "great one".

She shared: "It feels like it's been a really traumatic year and a half, almost two years at this point. It's a cruel disease and I know many people suffer with it. We definitely lost a great one there."