Nadine Coyle and Jason Bell split because they were more like friends than lovers.

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle

The Girls Aloud singer and the former American football star were together for 11 years and have daughter Anaiya together but Nadine admitted that they went their separate ways last year when the spark went out of their relationship.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I think it came naturally, to be honest. It can come to a situation where you're almost (just) really, really good friends, so that can change the dynamic of a relationship.

"Jason and I are very, very close in that way. We're more friends than in a romantic sense. He was in our house for Christmas. We still take Anaiya out, we have dinners. She's always the main priority."

And the former couple still see each other all the time.

Nadine said: "I adore Jason. He's great and he's Anaiya's daddy. He's brilliant.

"Obviously Jason and I spent a long time together but we are very, very close. I wouldn't get a chance to miss Jason! I see him, like, three times a day. We're very close. Jason lives very nearby. Incredibly nearby."

Nadine is preparing to release her new single 'All That I Know', on January 31 and although it refers to longing for a partner, she insisted Jason is not the inspiration for the track.

However, Nadine admitted she plans to be more open in her music this year, explaining: "I should have the lyrical content in my songs be more revealing as well. It's 2020. It's a new era."

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