Nadine Coyle is "not looking for" love.

Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle

The 'All That I Know' singer split from Jason Bell - the father of her five-year-old daughter Anaiya - last year after 11 years together but she isn't ready to date someone knew, and even if she does meet a guy, they usually end up friends rather than anything romantic happening.

She said: "It gets to the end of the day, Anaiya goes to bed, and I'm like, 'Am I really going to get ready and go out now? I think not.'

"And also, I am the ultimate professional friend-zoner.

"I have lots of guy friends and I love to go for dinner and have lovely experiences, but to push it any further, to an actual relationship?

"I just am like, 'No. Everything is good the way it is.'

"I am very happy and very lucky. I'm not looking for a relationship."

If she does settle down in another relationship, the 34-year-old star admitted her daughter would be unimpressed if she decided to have another child.

Asked if she wants more kids, she said: "Anaiya still wants to be the baby. She calls herself a newborn.

"I think if I had another one, she'd be horrified, like, 'What do you mean?'

"So definitely not yet and maybe not ever."

Nadine has a close relationship with her daughter and loves to travel with her.

She added to HELLO! magazine: "She's such a good traveller.

"We go to New York - me and Jason still have an apartment there - so we go there, like two gal pals taking on the world.

"We're like, 'Let's go!'

"We go on trips and have lovely times together."

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