Milo Ventimiglia felt it was important as a "good man" to be a part of the Time's Up initiative at the Golden Globe awards.

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia

The 40-year-old actor considers himself a "feminist" and so wore all black to the ceremony on Sunday (07.01.18) in solidarity with the actresses who were doing so to lend their support to the anti-harassment campaign.

s men proudly stood next to the dozens of women who sent a strong message in their all-black ensembles at the 75th Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

Speaking alongside his 'This Is Us' co-star Justin Hartley, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm first and foremost a feminist. I have been my entire life. I have two amazing older sisters, an amazing mother and a father that supports all of us and all of them.

"Being a man of this industry and doing my best and even our best to even be good men -- I can speak for this man, he is a good man -- to support women in this industry and across the board in all industries."

Discussing wearing black to the event, he added: "It's one of those things you hear about and you immediately go, 'Yes, of course'."

And Milo would willingly don no other colour for the rest of his life if it helped tackle the "very, very horrible problem" of sexual misconduct and inequality.

He said: "A spotlight has been shined on a very, very horrible problem and injustice to women in general.

"Hopefully we can stand up. If I have to wear black for 365 days of the year, I would for the rest of my life."

Fellow 'This Is Us' star Chris Sullivan also wore black, including dark nail polish, to the event, but only after taking advice from co-star Chrissy Metz and his wife, Rachel Reichard, on how it would be most appropriate for him to support the campaign.

He said: "When I heard about this movement, I called Chrissy first to ask her how she would like to discuss this topic. What she would like to put forward as far as the conversation goes, specifically for tonight.

"It was important for me to, I asked my wife. I said, 'How do you feel about this conversation. Where do you think this conversation should go because I am not the demographic that should be controlling this conversation. I am the demographic that should be supporting this conversation'

"So I look to the women in my life to ask them what they need to feel safe and to feel heard and to feel empowered and that's how I prepared for this evening."

Meanwhile, former 'Glee' actor Darren Criss felt it was important to be "in solidarity with our sisters" at the event.

He said: "The women -- not only in Hollywood, but in several industries and communities around the world -- have been outspoken and have shown their strength in great numbers.

"And I think it also takes a great deal of men to step up and show their solidarity, and voice their outrage, and make sure that their voices are heard as well. We're all in solidarity with our sisters, in arms so to speak. So that's why, that's what this pin is for. It's He For She, which is a campaign from UN Women. So that's my little sign of solidarity with all the ladies here tonight."

Edgar Ramirez also wore a He For She pin alongside his Time's Up button.

And a host of actors wore the Time's Up badges, including Justin Timberlake, Ewan McGregor, Nick Jonas, Joseph Fiennes, Aziz Ansari, Tom Hanks and Timothee Chalamet on their dark suits to signify their support for the initiative.