Milla Jovovich thinks it’s “incredible” that her eldest daughter is already following in her footsteps.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

The 44-year-old actress has been joined by her 13-year-old daughter Ever Gabo Anderson in ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’, and the teenager has also held roles in ‘Black Widow’ and the upcoming ‘Peter Pan’, as she begins to make a career for herself as an actress.

And Milla - who has Ever, as well as five-year-old Dashiel and Osian, 10 months, with her husband Paul W. S. Anderson - has admitted there’s “nothing better” than getting to act alongside her family members.

She said: “Oh my gosh, it was amazing. To see your children following in your footsteps, it’s incredible. There’s nothing better in one sense and it’s scary in another, but she’s such a talented actress.”

Milla also insisted she plans on supporting her daughter to “help make her dreams come true”.

She added to Stellar magazine: “All I can do is do whatever I can to support her and help her make her dreams come true. When I saw how well she did in the movie and how professional she was on set, and just more than anything how much she enjoyed the experience, it made me really happy.”

Meanwhile, Ever herself recently said she feels pressure to “prove” herself in Hollywood, as she admitted having famous parents makes it harder for her to “make [her] own path” in Hollywood, as people often assume she’s had her opportunities “handed to” her.

She explained earlier this year: “The challenging part is having to prove myself. I feel like when your mom is an actress and your dad is a director, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. I want to work hard and make my own path so that people don’t only see me as their daughter, but also as someone who has worked for it, and that I really know what I’m doing and it wasn’t just all handed to me.”

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