Mike Skinner is working on a musical movie inspired by 'Dawson's Creek'.

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner

The 39-year-old rapper - who is best known for the music project The Streets - has revealed he is busily working on a musical film that takes inspiration from the popular American drama series, which starred the likes of James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes.

He explained: "It's a farce about guys and girls getting into trouble in a club.

"The story isn't clever, it's all in the dialogue, and that's what I love. What was that teen show where everyone's a philosopher? 'Dawson's Creek' - it's a bit like that."

The 'Dry Your Eyes' hitmaker also revealed he is hoping to bring a "cleverness" to his writing.

Speaking to Mr Porter Journal, he shared: "I like [my characters] to say the things that they thought of when they're walking home from a terrible argument, and thinking, 'Oh, I should've said that.'

"Not political correctness, just cleverness. Because stories aren't reality, they're an exercise for the mind.'"

Mike - who has recorded new music for the movie's soundtrack - admitted he feels in a better frame of mind to write since he escaped the destructive cycle of drinking and taking drugs.

Reflecting on his long-awaited return to the spotlight, he explained: "Whatever that bit of your brain is that works out what the most important word of the sentence is, and has to make it rhyme ... it was really tired.

"But when I started to write songs again last year, I had this weird sensation that it was ready to go. All of the things that I taught myself about songwriting were still there. It's like getting on a bike, and remembering that you'd been Bradley Wiggins."