Mickey Rourke allegedly owes his former landlord $30,000 in unpaid rent.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

The Oscar-nominated actor is said to still owe the considerable sum of money, plus an additional $10,000 in damages, to the owner of his former loft in the Tribeca neighbourhood of New York City.

A new lawsuit ​filed ​by the landlord claims that Rourke, 64, stopped paying rent on the apartment in October 2016, while the owner is also seeking compensation for the Hollywood star's unauthorised installation of "disco light fixtures" in the ceiling.

According to the Manhattan Supreme Court suit, Rouke missed the final two payments he was contractually obliged to make on the property until his lease ran out at the end of December last year.

The suit also alleges the actor left holes in the walls, broke the lock to the front door and damaged the bathtub at the plush abode in Manhattan.

Rourke - who has also boxed professionally - first rented the two-bedroom property in November 2014, signing an 18-month lease for the apartment.

In April 2016, he decided to extend the agreement, but according to the suit, he stopped making the rent payments six months later.

The 'Wrestler' actor has not publicly commented on the allegations, but has previously fallen on the wrong side of his landlord, including in 1994 when he was thrown out of Donald ​Trump's Plaza Hotel for allegedly trashing his Central Park suite​.

To this day, Rourke remains an outspoken critic of the current US President, previously saying he would "rather stick a .38 up my ass and pull the trigger than vote for Donald Trump".

Rourke also said of the billionaire businessman: "Donald Trump can go f**k himself.

"He's not a tough guy. He's a bully and he's a b***h, and he can suck my f***ing d**k."