Michael Sheen is "in awe" of his daughter.

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen

The 'Good Omens' actor admitted his life changed completely when then-partner Kate Beckinsale gave birth to Lily, but now his offspring is 20, he enjoys hanging out with her and he's learned a lot from her.

He said: "She changed my life when she was born but as Lily's become more of her own person with her own independent life, I've realised how much I thoroughly enjoy her company.

"She's given me an insight into the pressures young people are facing - Lily's 20 now - and that rollercoaster ride of growing up with social media.

"As I watch her work her way through these pressures with courage, tenacity and resilience, I'm really in awe of her."

The 50-year-old actor also praised his former partner Sarah Silverman or teaching him to stay true to what matters to him.

He said: "All the women I've shared my life with as partners have changed me in all sorts of ways.

"Sarah is extraordinary. She's battled depression but has such courage.

"Being with her for five years, I got to see the world of stand-up comedy.

"It requires bravery to take such risks and address the issues she does in an age where people are so quick to damn you.

"She stays true to what matters to her and has inspired me to be more courageous in that respect too."

And Michael will always be thankful for the support of his mother Irene.

He told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "She has been so supportive all my life, no matter what I wanted to do, she'd always encourage me.

"Mum comes to see everything I'm in. She says she gets nervous, then forgets I'm her son and enjoys it so much that she completely loses herself - it's lovely.

"Because my parents essentially did the same job, but Mum was called a 'secretary' and Dad was a 'manager', I quickly learned about workplace inequalities."