Michael Jackson was left disgusted by sex after being exposed to seedy acts as a child performing in strip clubs as part of the Jackson Five.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop and his brothers were made to gig at strip clubs by their father-and-manager Joe Jackson when they were at the start of their music career and one of Michael's "worst memories" was watching a stripper "called Rose Marie" push her underwear into the faces of the audience to make them sniff it when he was just six.

These experiences in his formative years made Michael wary of women as by the time he reached his teenage years he had "been exposed to most grown up things".

The 'Billie Jean' singer is quoted 1994 book 'Michael Jackson - The Bad Year' as saying: "Ever since I was young I've been surrounded by strange sights. Like fans ripping off their coats, and standing nude in front of me. And being sent mountains of sexy letters with every kind of suggestion in them. You wouldn't believe some of the things that I saw at an early age. One of the worst memories that I'll never erase is a stripper who played the same club we did when I was six. She was called Rose Marie. After she had taken everything off she pushed her underwear in the faces of the audience and made them sniff it. It was disgusting. By the time I reached my teens I guess I'd been exposed to most grown up things."

In the tome - written by journalist Rick Sky - it is also claimed that from an early age Michael was "thrust into sex play in the dives where the Jackson Five played as his father had devised a stage routine which included a sexually crude act: at the end of a song the young Michael had to go into the audience, crawl under the tables and lift up the women's skirts".

The 'Smooth Criminal' hitmaker also opened up about how he had a distrust of women who wanted to get close to him because he never knew what their true motives.

As a result of his misgivings about the true intentions of girls, the pop star - who died in June 2009 at the age of 50 from acute Propofol intoxication - preferred to be single.

In the book, Michael is quoted as saying: "I just don't have time for a steady girlfriend. My career comes first. It's hard just making friends, but as far as romance is concerned, it's even harder. With so many girls around, how am I ever going to know? Being an entertainer, you can't tell who is your friend. That's why most of the time, I'd rather be by myself than with anyone else."

'Michael Jackson - The Bad Year' was written in the wake of Michael being accused of child sex abuse by his 13-year-old friend Jordan 'Jordy' Chandler and the boy's father Evan Chandler. The musician eventually settled the matter our of court with the family for $25 million.

This year, Michael has been accused of child molestation by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in Dan Reed's documentary film 'Leaving Neverland'.

Both men regularly toured with Michael and stayed over at his Neverland ranch where they claim they were sexually abused.

James claims the abuse started when he was 10 and ended when he was in his mid-teens.

Wade stated that the abuse began when he was seven and ended when he was 14.

The Jackson Estate has refuted the claims of both men.

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