Michael Fassbender is "very vocal" when he works out, according to Marion Cotillard.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

The 41-year-old actress, who plays the role of Doctor Sophia Rikkin in 'Assassin's Creed' alongside the 39-year-old star, has revealed she has often told her co-star to "stop" working out because it sounds like he is "doing something else", which is slightly more erotic than simply exercising.

Speaking on 'The Project' on Monday (28.11.16) about the obscure sounds Michael makes during his fitness routine, the brunette beauty said: "He works out a lot. And he's very vocal.

"And sometimes you don't even know if he's actually working out or doing something else.

"Sometimes I was yelling, 'Stop it now'."

However, Michael - who has been cast as Callum Lynch/ Aguilar in the fantasy film, which he has also produced - has joked both exercising and the pleasurable act are "calorie burners" and great forms of exercise.

He quipped: "They're all calorie burners."

And the fair-haired hunk - who is currently dating fellow actress Alicia Vikander - has revealed he has never played the popular video game, which shares the same name as his upcoming movie, until he was approached to star in the production.

Speaking previously about the merchandise, he said: "I was totally ignorant. I decided it wasn't the best thing for me to have around."

And 'The Light Between Oceans' star has revealed he stopped playing video games 16 years ago.

Speaking previously he said: "The last time I had a serious stint with video games was 2000. There was a period of time where I was working in this warehouse at night.

"I would come home in the morning and just sit down in front of this racing game - I can't even remember the name of it - and play it over and over."

'Assassin's Creed', which has been directed by Justin Kurzel and also stars Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson is set to hit the big screens in the UK on January 1, 2017.