Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler's daughter thinks he is "like a child".

The 66 year old Aerosmith frontman's 35 year old offspring Mia Tyler insists her dad never cares what people think about his "wild" appearance.

She said: "He's always had wild hair. He just grew a moustache. He's like a child. He doesn't care what people think."

Mia, whose mother was model-and-actress Cyrinda Foxe, feels fortunate to have made the right choices in her life and appreciates the opportunities she has had thanks to her upbringing.

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "I was born into the right world at the right time. I'm a hard worker who does lots of different things. I appreciate being in every cookie jar. I didn't like Catholic school or the nuns who said my art is too dark. A mess of kids of famous people go left. Into drugs. Or, born with the door open, you can go right. It's how you walk through that door. I appreciate my family and try to give back. I live my life in metaphors."

The brunette beauty, who works as a model, designer, artist, actress, photographer and writer, shuns the spotlight in favour of more unusual pastimes.

She explained: "I live in New York. I'm not social. No party scene. I hate idle bulls**t talk. Evenings it's home watching TV. Or travelling. Visiting strange locations when my father plays places like, maybe, Alabama. And I collect odd objects -- railroad spikes, iron nails. I love ancient buildings in small towns. Antique shops. Weird phones. My home has old barn pulleys -- wooden structures to pull up ropes."

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