Melissa McCarthy felt like her body was on "fire" when she underwent an unusual spa treatment - bathing in water and grapefruit juice.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

The 51-year-old actress stars with Nicole Kidman, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Samara Weaving and more in new Hulu miniseries 'Nine Perfect Strangers', which is based on Australian author Liane Moriarty's book of the same name which follows a group of city dwellers who in search of spiritual healing check into an upscale California wellness retreat.

Melissa has recalled the wellness treatment that she had which did not go well, as the citrus fruit essence left her stinging all over and in some intimate areas.

The 'Spy' star said: "I've gone to a spa once and got into this tub with extract of grapefruit or something and it was literally on fire.

"I'm trying - not very gracefully - to get out of the bath with some amount of modesty and the person just stands there and goes, 'Oh yes, it stings intensely.' I was like, 'Well, let's wash it off,' and she goes, 'It's gonna keep burning for quite a while.' And then I was done."

Melissa's 'Nine Perfect Strangers' co-star Nicole, 54, has also had a spa nightmare, which involved a saltwater tank.

In a joint interview with Melissa for the US edition of OK! magazine, Nicole said: "I did that thing with my boyfriend at the time where you lie in saltwater in a tank. I got in, I was freezing cold, and I had to stay in there for two hours.

"Everyone was like, 'It's amazing,' but I hated it. Even banging on the thing, they still wouldn't let me out, it was torture."