Maya Jama is “not on the hunt” for a relationship.

Maya Jama

Maya Jama

The 26-year-old star – who has been single since her four-year relationship with Stormzy ended in 2019 – would rather focus on herself and her career than look for love, particularly as the current climate is so “weird” with various restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Right now being single is good. It's a weird time too, so I'm treating this as time to spend on myself and focus on work. I'm definitely not on the hunt.”

When she does decide to look for love again, the ‘Save Our Summer’ presenter is looking for a “spark” and doesn’t care about looks or a particular way of behaving.

She added: “I don't have a type. I go for vibes. They can look like anything or act like anything but there is a spark you get with somebody and I look for that spark."

Maya would prefer to date someone who isn’t famous as it is “easier” to keep things private, and she finds it difficult having so many eyes on her love life and people willing to comment on the state of her relationship.

She explained: “I think you can't help who you meet and what situations you meet in. But when you're in the public eye yourself it's obviously easier when everything is private. It's hard to meet people.

“Dating in the public eye is not easy. It's like dating in normal life but you just have way more eyes on you, along with paranoia and people's opinions."

The ‘Duchess’ actress insisted no one has tried to ask her out via her social media accounts, but that’s not how she’d want to find someone anyway.

She told OK! magazine: “My DMs are filled with teenagers! Mainly doing jokes and sending me silly chat-up lines. There are never any serious enquiries.

“I also don't want to meet someone through DMs or an app. I'd want to meet them in person."