It has been a disastrous few hours for the Labour Party, who are having to look inwards at the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer following some historic defeats in this month’s local elections.

Though results are still coming in, it’s clear that the Conservatives are on course for a victorious slew of elections across the country, even picking up the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool for the first time ever, in a by-election that sees them swipe it away from Labour.

Boris Johnson will be grinning like a Cheshire Cat; many on Twitter are furious with Labour’s leadership and calling for Starmer to resign following the horrendous night of polling.

There are those within the party however, who think that it is Labour as a whole which much change moving forward, rather than removing Starmer from power and replacing him with another leader.

One of the resounding reasons people are pushing as why Labour could not win Hartlepool, is that the party has a lack of a vision for the country.

It’s something that was backed up when Owen Jones interviewed the Labour candidate for the constituency, asking him what Labour could do for the country. The candidate could not give a clear answer.

It is this which has been reflected in results across the UK. There are some reasons to celebrate for Labour, however. It appears clear that both London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham will hold onto their positions, for example.

They will likely win because of their individual work for their areas however, rather than because of the party they represent.

Labour are going to have to take a real look at how they operate if they’re going to progress at all in the next few years leading up to the next general election.

Politics aside, Cher Lloyd fans will be excited to see the former X Factor contestant trending this morning, after she released a brand new collaborative single alongside multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, Imanbek.

Their track Baddest is available now, and you can hear a snippet of the tune below and see some early reactions from supporters! 

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