Matthew Morrison and his wife want "one more child".

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

The former 'Glee' actor and his spouse Renee have two-year-old son Revel together and have reached a "compromise" of hopefully giving the youngster a sibling in future as Matthew would have been happy with just one baby but his wife was keen to have "several" kids.

He said: "We would love one more child.

"I'm an only child so I was cool with one but my wife is from a big family so she would love to have several children.

"So we're compromising on two!"

The 41-year-old star has discovered new aspects to his own personality since becoming a dad and had no idea what love "really meant" until he had his son.

He gushed: "I never knew what love really meant before I became a dad.

"I didn't know that promise of unconditional love before, so it's really just been getting to know a side of myself that I've never experienced previously. Revel is the most incredible child."

Although Revel has been "testing boundaries", Matthew insisted he isn't going through the "terrible twos" but is simply curious about the world around him.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "Everyone talks about the terrible twos but I call it the inquisitive twos because he is just kind of curious about everything.

"He's pushing back and testing boundaries but that's what you do at two, but we just let him guide us and follow his cues.

"I think kids tend to pick up on your energy and we're pretty chilled."

The 'Greatest Dancer' captain's little boy is already a good mover.

He said: "He is a big dancer. He loves dancing and we have a dance party every morning when we wake up.

"He also has this big microphone that we bought him but he hasn't really taken to singing yet. It's early days."

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