Matthew Morrison didn't think his wife's second miscarriage was "as bad" as the first.

Matthew Morrison and his wife Renee

Matthew Morrison and his wife Renee

The former 'Glee' star and his spouse Renee - who already have two-year-old son Revel together - have experienced two pregnancy losses within the last three years but he thinks the emotional trauma afterwards gets easier every time.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he said: "We have our son and we want another child but we've had a couple of miscarriages since then so we're just going with it.

"It's something that I feel we want to talk about because it's something that so many women go through and they just sweep it under the rug but I think we need to talk about it. I think talking about it, being open about it and really opening that line of communication between the couple. If it sits and festers and doesn't get talked about then it can kind of lead to other things.

"I think when you have multiple miscarriages, the first one was devastating but the second one wasn't as bad because we had gone through it and also physically for my wife it wasn't as traumatising for her body but then there is this fear for the next time we do get pregnant because you want to be excited about the pregnancy but at the same time you're holding back."

Despite their heartbreak in the past, the couple - who got married in 2014 - would like to add another little one to their brood in the future.

He said previously: "We would love one more child.

"I'm an only child so I was cool with one but my wife is from a big family so she would love to have several children.

"So we're compromising on two!"

The 41-year-old star has discovered new aspects to his own personality since becoming a dad and had no idea what love "really meant" until he had his son.

He gushed: "I never knew what love really meant before I became a dad.

"I didn't know that promise of unconditional love before, so it's really just been getting to know a side of myself that I've never experienced previously. Revel is the most incredible child."

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