Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker talks to her children about drugs "a lot".

The 49-year-old actress admits she has regular conversations with her son Billy, 10, and seven-year-old daughter Caroline about the dangers of dabbling with illegal substances.

She explained: "I'm very afraid of drugs and very afraid of what happens especially to people who have particular biochemistry that is susceptible to addiction, which runs in my family. So we talk about it. We talk about everything.

"I tell them, 'You will never get in trouble if you're drunk and you call me and ask me to pick you up at a friend's. You do not get grounded. But if you come home in a car with someone who's [drunk and] driving or if you drive drunk ...' "

The brunette beauty played Nancy Botwin, who grew and sold marijuana unapologetically, in the US TV series 'Weeds' until 2012, but she admits she's never been interested in drugs in real life.

She explained to People magazine: "I really hate drugs, and I was always the person where that was my thing: Mary-Louise doesn't do drugs."