Mark Wahlberg's daughter is terrified of driving, after having a "bad experience" in a golf cart in Hawaii.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

The 48-year-old actor has revealed his eldest daughter Ella, 16, won't be getting her driving license any time soon, as she's been "scared off" from getting behind the wheel following an incident with lava whilst on vacation in Hawaii.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Mark - who has Ella, as well as Michael, 13, Brendan, 11, and Grace, 10, with his wife Rhea Durham - said: "She had a bad experience in Hawaii. We were driving in a golf cart and we're supposed to be staying on the path and both sides were lava. And then I told her, 'Slow down around the corner.' She didn't. You know, she's like, you know, got music playing and then, all of a sudden, she starts to go up on the lava and she literally bails out of the cart, leaving me."

And after seeing Jimmy's shocked reaction, Mark clarified: "It wasn't hot lava. It was dry, sharp, you know, dangerous lava."

But Ella's driving nerves have come as good news for the 'Ted' star, because she no longer asks him to go on drives so she can practice.

He added: "So, she hasn't asked to drive anymore, which I'm grateful for. And before that, it was like, 'Dad, let me take your car. Let's just drive around the neighbourhood.' And I was, like, you know, trying to give her all the safety tips and she just wouldn't listen to me, you know? So, I'm glad now that she's changed."

This isn't the first time this week Mark has discussed his brood, as earlier this week he told Ellen Degeneres his youngest daughter is "embarrassed" by him, and wouldn't let him dance with her at a recent daddy-and-daughter event

He said: "I didn't get one dance. She said, 'Dad, if you embarrass me, I will never talk to you again'.

"But we still did have a great time together."

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