Mark Wahlberg has praised Sydney's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

The 49-year-old actor arrived in the city on Sunday (13.12.20) following two weeks in mandatory quarantine at a luxurious property near Byron Bay after landing in Australia earlier this month and admitted he wishes the US has taken such effective measures.

Speaking to the country's Daily Telegraph newspaper, he said: "It seems like everybody here really did it right. I wish the US followed suit.

"The two weeks quarantine seems to be a bit of a downer but you are getting real results - people are able to go around and be able to function, working out together, going in to restaurants, and that sort of thing."

In the States, Covid-19 cases have hit over 16 million with 301,000 deaths in the country since the start of the pandemic - while Australia has seen around 28,000 total cases with 908 deaths.

As well as state boarders being lifted, the country has also seen workers return to officers with restrictions now less severe in clubs, pubs and restaurants.

The 'Ted' star is rumoured to have travelled Down Under in order to shoot a global ad campaign for an online betting agency.

Mark is set to film the commercial in Sydney and he intends to fly straight home to the US once he's shot the advert.

Before arriving in the city, he was in the Byron Bay property for around $2,500 a night.

The spectacular retreat offered 24/7 security to the movie star, according to reports, which also claimed there was a private ambulance on standby should he need it.

The total cost of the two-week quarantine period - which has been implemented by the Australian government - could cost Mark around $400,000.

Meanwhile, Mark is determined to stay healthy, despite his busy schedule, and the actor has relished the experience of adjusting his workout regime to meet the requirements of different movie roles.

He previously explained: "The fun thing about my job is that it’s constantly forcing me to challenge myself and change.

"I was 138 pounds for 'Boogie Nights' [in 1997] and I had to beat that number. I went on a liquid diet for six weeks and did 200 rounds of jump rope every day."

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