Mark Wahlberg is "so out of the loop" with Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

The 'Deepwater Horizon' star admitted he isn't that akin with the movie industry as he rarely goes to dinner parties or screenings, and only attends award shows where his films are up for a gong.

Speaking about Harvey Weinstein's recent court case, he told The Observer: "I've certainly been paying a lot of attention to what's been going on with the criminal case and everything. There's finally a lot of closure for a lot of people. But I don't know, I'm so out of the loop with Hollywood ... Yeah, but other than working, I go to the supermarket. I don't go to dinner parties on the scene, or screenings. I live in Beverly Hills, but it could easily be the English countryside, because I don't see anyone and I don't do anything. I don't go to awards unless I have a movie in them. I go to bed early, I get up early, I take my kids to school and I'm with my wife if I'm not I'm working."

Meanwhile, Mark previously revealed he wakes up at 2.30am every day so he can fit in his hour and a half work out before his day properly starts.

Sharing his daily routine on his Instagram story, he revealed he gets up at 2.30 in the morning before having a short prayer session and then heading for breakfast at 3.15am. From there, he has his work out and after a shower, some golf and a few snacks, he's ready to start his main day. Mark then makes time for family or for his work, before heading to bed at around 7.30pm.

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