Mark Feehily feels like it is "the right time" to start a family now.

Mark Feehily

Mark Feehily

The Westlife singer - who is set to welcome a baby girl into the world with fiance Cailean O'Neil - says their new arrival will be the 10th of the Westlife kids.

He said: "It just feels like the right time to start a family now. It is something that I've always wanted to do but it has always been about timing. Cailean and I are really happy and now that I'm in my late 30s and settled at home in Sligo, it is the right moment. The Westlife lads have all got nine kids between them, ours will be the tenth Westlife baby. What's been great about this recent tour is that all of the families have been involved, kids and all, running around backstage. It is different from the older days but it is just brilliant. Having everyone around us brings a fantastic energy. We've had to set up a special family room for everyone at every stadium and arena we've played at, it's been great. The Westlife kids have loved it I think."

The 39-year-old singer "really can't wait" to become a dad.

He added to Mirror Online: "Me and Cailean absolutely can't wait for our baby to come along. We're making plans for the nursery and everything and when I'm not in the studio or performing we're looking at baby clothes and things for the baby. It's an exciting time. We really can't wait. I'll be taking a bit of time off when the baby finally does arrive but there's a lot more to come from Westlife. The Twenty Tour and the new music have been a massive success. We've got high hopes for the new album coming out in November and are already looking ahead at our plans for 2020. Some things are happening - nothing bigger than having a baby though. All the lads are thrilled for us and their wives too. They're excited too."