Mark Feehily "dreams" of having children.

Mark Feehily

Mark Feehily

The Westlife singer recently got engaged to his boyfriend after six years together and he has revealed he can't wait to start a family.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: "That's absolutely the dream, being gay you don't always think about the possibility of having kids and then actually over the last few years I've started realising it's completely possible. I've always naturally thought, 'When I have kids...' I love the lads' kids, my brother has a daughter, there are kids everywhere and I absolutely love and adore them. I definitely see that as part of the future."

Mark keeps his romance mainly out of the spotlight because his partner isn't interested in fame.

He shared: "He's quite a private guy, he stays away from the limelight. He's a really fun guy but he's not in the music or entertainment scene but he doesn't like the red carpet. Like, I went to the EMAs the other night and he didn't want to come because he's happy to do his thing and let me do my thing when it comes to work. I've managed to get him to one or two events. But I think that's quite important to us and it's important to me to respect that. As much as it's my decision to be on the red carpet it's his to not bother with all that, and it is really nice because there's a lot of people out there who would love to be on the red carpet with you to the point that you'd wonder if it was you or the red carpet they were after."