Mandy Moore was "very hungry" to marry again.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore

The 'This Is Us' star says she was never apprehensive about tying the knot again, following the end of her marriage to Ryan Adams and she is glad to be married to Taylor Goldsmith.

She said: "I was very hungry. I was not apprehensive at all to marry again. I knew that past situations didn't define me and didn't even define what love or marriage or relationships or any of that had to be. My experiences in the past were singular to that. I knew, even before I met Taylor [Goldsmith], I would love again, and I would get married again, and I would have a family. And all the things I always hoped for and wanted, I still believed were out there and possible. Not to say that I didn't have my own grief and pain and trauma to tend to, deal with, overcome and heal from, but it never affected how I feel about love."

And the 35-year-old actress and singer admits life has been a "roller coaster".

She added: "Life is a roller coaster. I know this is an extraordinary time, and I am present. I'm literally devouring every morsel of it and appreciating it for what it is because I remember when times did not feel the same. I just want to take stock of all of it and do what I love. This moment isn't gonna last forever. I want to really dig my heels in while I can."

Mandy plans to "redefine" herself with her new music.

She told Modern Luxury magazine: "For quite a number of years, I was really trying to redefine myself; I was hungry for a challenge that people weren't willing to just give me permission for. I was like, 'I know I can do more than just be America's sweetheart.' That's an aspect of who I am, but that's not all I am. We all contain multitudes."