Luke Perry's daughter shared a sweet memory of her father on what would have been his 53rd birthday (11.10.19).

Luke and Sophie Perry (c) Instagram

Luke and Sophie Perry (c) Instagram

The 'Riverdale' actor tragically passed away following a stroke in March, and Sophie, 19, took to Instagram to share a funny picture of her dad, who she joked was a "fashion icon" when he donned a suit with shorts.

Alongside two shots of the same picture of the pair, the second which is full length and shows off his bottom half, Sophie wrote: "Happy birthday, fashion icon I can hear you doing your best Tim Gunn impersonation now love you the most (sic)"

Sophie's older brother Jack, 22, also paid tribute to his father.

He wrote alongside a black and white collage of his face: "Happy birthday, old man. I'll see you somewhere", along with the heart emoji.

Teen drama 'Riverdale's fourth season got underway this week as it was revealed the late actor's alter ego Fred Andrews had saved a woman - played by his real life friend Shannen Doherty - by pushing her out of the way from a speeding car, which hit him instead.

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed the team's thoughts when it came to honouring Luke and focusing on his on-screen son Archie (KJ Apa).

He said: "Very early on, we landed on the idea that Fred should have a heroic death, and that that would be impactful for Archie. And it felt like that's a way that Fred could have gone.

"After that we really said that this episode really isn't going to launch any huge stories for the season; it was really going to be kind of focused on that, and the kind of emotional effects of that passing for everyone.

"As we were working on the episode, [we] talked about putting in some other storylines, but as we were working on it, we just kind of kept focusing it on our characters, and focusing it truly on Archie."

Sophie previously praised the 'Riverdale' cast for their support following her father's death.

She said: "Everybody, cast and crew, has been so supportive and amazing. I love those guys. I'm closer to some than others, but if I needed anything, I could go to any of them. It's a reminder but it's also something new. I think people forget or don't realise that in my lifetime he wasn't famous the way he was during the '90210' era. By the time I was old enough to understand all that, he wasn't as in the spotlight as he is now. And I wasn't at all public or looked at. So I'm seeing all that stuff for the first time. The shock of all that is new."

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