Dr. Luke has allegedly asked a judge to add defamation to his lawsuit against Kesha.

Dr Luke

Dr Luke

The 43-year-old record producer - real name Lukasz Gottwald - has been locked in a legal battle with the musician after she accused him of sexually abusing her, and now reportedly wants to add defamation to his lawsuit against her after she allegedly sent a text message to fellow musician Lady Gaga, claiming there was another alleged victim.

The text message in question, according to court documents obtained by New York Post's Page Six column, claimed that Kesha "knew for a fact that another female recording artist had been raped by Dr. Luke."

According to TMZ.com, Dr. Luke says the 29-year-old singer is "on a malicious campaign to destroy his reputation and career."

Court filings made by the producer also claim "Kesha knew, or had reasons to know, her assertions to Lady Gaga were completely false" and that the 'Tik Tok' hitmaker is trying to "blacklist [Dr. Luke] from the music industry on the false premise of her victim status, and to influence others in the industry to boycott [him]."

Dr. Luke's lawyer Christine Lepera told Page Six in a statement: "Dr. Luke seeks to add an additional defamation claim against Kesha based upon the discovery of another false and defamatory statement she made about him that was part of her calculated effort to harm his reputation and business.

"Kesha's new proposed counterclaim simply repeats the meritless and untrue allegations that were set forth in her earlier pleadings and which Dr. Luke fully disputes."

Meanwhile, the 'Die Young' singer recently revealed how the ongoing legal battle has left her "devastated".

She said: "When you work really hard at something, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. I worked my ass off for a lot of years to be able to do it.

"I sang backup vocals and the first couple songs I was on, I didn't give a f**k because I just had this one vision. Once you earn that and make that happen, then to have it taken away from you is pretty devastating. It is definitely like a mind-f**k."

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