Louise Redknapp thinks being married to a soccer star is more "challenging" than people imagine.

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp

The 46-year-old pop singer - who was married to former Liverpool star Jamie Redknapp between 1998 and 2018 - has insisted that being married to a sportsman is far from "straightforward", even though they earn huge amounts of money and are in a "privileged" position.

Louise - who has Charley, 16, and Beau, 12, with Jamie - explained: "There is so much more to being in a relationship with a footballer than going out and looking a certain way. Of course, being in football offers amazing opportunities, and footballers are paid huge sums of money, but it's not all straightforward.

"You might be asked to pack up your kids and move countries with 48 hours' notice because your husband has been signed to a new team.

"It's not easy for your kids to be uprooted and to have to leave their friends and schools when they're happy and settled."

Louise remembers spending lots of time apart from Jamie when he was at the peak of his sporting career.

And the 'Naked' hitmaker insisted that, contrary to popular belief, the life of a soccer star's wife isn't constantly glamorous.

In her new book, 'You've Got This', the singer wrote: "You might spend months or years supporting your partner after a bad injury, or trying to be there for someone whose career was over at 35 and who is now struggling to find a new role because they can never recapture the buzz they used to feel when playing.

"I know footballers get huge salaries and are massively privileged, but no amount of money can stop life from being challenging and difficult at times."