Louise Redknapp "regrets" taking part in 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp

The 46-year-old singer starred on the BBC show in 2016, but she now looks back on the experience with regret as it ultimately led to the end of her marriage to former soccer star Jamie Redknapp.

In her new book, 'You've Got This', she explains: "If I'd done the show four years earlier, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have walked away from my marriage."

Louise - who has Beau, 12, and Charley, 16, with her ex-husband - thinks she would have been "too scared" to leave Jamie if she hadn't taken part in the show.

However, she also believes that it's reignited her career and opened up new opportunities for her.

She said: "I still wish I'd done things differently because I feel like I hurt a lot of people and I'l always be sorry for that.

"I felt like certain people had my back, and, in hindsight this wasn't really the case.

"I was so scared about going back to normal life and losing what I'd achieved on the show."

Louise now admits she wishes she'd declined the offer to join 'Strictly'.

She explained that it simply "wasn't worth putting anyone I loved or love through the heartache".

Louise previously admitted she'd contemplated suicide amid her split from her husband.

The pop star revealed she thought about stepping in front of a bus at one point during their split.

Louise - who was married to Jamie between 1998 and 2018 - shared: "I would be standing in Central London and would wonder whether it would be easier for a bus to take me out.

"All it would take was for me to step out at the wrong moment and it would be over."