Lorde had to "pee into a bottle" during her emotional Antarctica trip.



The 'Royals' singer visited the frozen continent last year as she became "compelled" by climate change to see the area for herself, and she has opened up about her experiences.

Writing for Rolling Stone, she said: "It’s very, very white, everywhere you look. There are hundreds of thousands of penguins.

"But there are also beautiful rocky beaches, which on a sunny day make you feel like you could have a cheeky swim, until you remember the salt water is at a temperature below freezing.

"You have to wear sunglasses, every single day. My pen froze in my bag. I peed into a bottle in the middle of an ice shelf, fully clothed, using a green plastic instrument called, unspeakably, a Pstyle.

"I ate so many dense, sweet energy bars I thought my teeth might fall out."

The 24-year-old star has been "obsessed" with the continent since childhood, and noted how her passion only increased during her teenage years.

She wrote: "There was another thing, galvanised in my late teens — Antarctica was melting. Our whole world was getting warmer, in fact, the mercury rising by minute amounts, inching us toward the unthinkable.

"I pictured a giant slush pile, scientists frantically bailing out glaciers with buckets. Antarctica’s high drama compelled me. I had to see it before it was too late.

"And because I’m a pop star, and the world is extremely unfair, I made a few calls, got several dozen booster shots, and I was off in search of the end of the world."

Lorde - whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor - has been inspired to release a book of writings and photographs from her time there, and she hopes to inspire others to do what they can to save the area.

She added: "I get it — protecting our most precious natural resources can feel abstract, to say the least. Most of them we’ve never seen, except in a documentary.

"We’re attempting to pay off our predecessors’ environmental debts in the hazy hope that our descendants will thrive. It’s a lot to ask of a species hungry for faster and brighter gratification, less and less distance.

"But I understand it now, and I hope you find ways to as well. Great wonders like this are what’s at stake."

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