Liv Tyler swears by CBD oil to help ease her anxiety.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Cannabidiol is a product made from cannabis which doesn't cause the feeling of being high, often associated with cannabis, which is caused by a different type of cannabinoid called THC and the 34-year-old actress uses the product to cope as she gets "really nervous" due to the stresses her profession.

Speaking on a video for Vogue, she said: "I know everyone's talking about CBD oil and I have one here it's from this company called Lord Jones it's really good.

"I know everybody's talking about CBD oil ... and I definitely suffer from anxiety.

"I get really nervous. I guess my job's kinda scary and it's hard not to be nervous sometimes just like public speaking and doing anything that's out of your comfort zone."

"It doesn't make you feel stoned at all."

Liv isn't the only celebrity who swears by the hemp-derived product and Hailey Bieber has previously been a huge advocate of CBD, insisting that she never feels "high" but loves using it to help her sleep or to aid her skincare.

She said: "Meditating, melatonin, or CBD oil that's for sleep. I think that helps a lot. I've done gummies. I've never been into THC or enjoyed how I felt being high.

"I've never liked it at all, but I like CBD because I enjoy feeling the relaxation. I use it in lotions and it helps a lot. My parents are super big on it too. Hemp oil is really good too.

The model added that she feels it's best to use natural products to ease anxiety.

She said: "I'll always try to find the route where you can work on your mental state naturally because I think that's always possible. Homeopathically is the way I approach anything first."

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