Lindsay Lohan's reality show has been cancelled.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

The 'Mean Girls' star's MTV series, 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' chronicled the opening of her bar in Mykonos, Greece, and the lives of the staff who worked there, and while producers had initially hoped for a second run of episodes which would focus more on the actress' family, it has now been axed as there wasn't "enough drama" to keep the programme interesting.

A source told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "There was a renewal idea that producers hoped would perk it up for a second season.

"It would be turned into a show about Lindsay and [her mother] Dina and [sister] Ali, [but] that wasn't going to happen.

"[There wasn't] enough drama. They wanted 'breakdowns.' That's not where [Lohan] is at with her life anymore. Their personal business doesn't need to be aired on television; it's already in the papers anyway."

A spokesperson for the 32-year-old star confirmed she is "not doing another season" of the show.

It has also been claimed the beach club itself has closed down.

A phone number listed on TripAdvisor doesn't work, while another on the club's website connected to the Lohan Nightclub in Athens.

A source said: "A friend had reservations this week, and the club just called and said that they will not be opening this season."

Another insider who was in the resort last month claimed the club wasn't open then.

They said: "The locals said it was a waste [of time to go]."

News of the show's cancellation comes shortly after Lindsay's 'Parent Trap' co-star Dennis Quaid urged her to return to acting.

Dennis said of Lindsay: "One of the most talented people I've ever met at 11 years of age. She took this one as her first film."

And asked if is former co-star - who starred in British comedy series 'Sick Note' last year - should make an acting comeback, he added: "Yeah, I think it's really time."