Linda Hamilton took testosterone supplements to get back into shape for 'Terminator: Dark Fate'.

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton

The 63-year-old actress had a year to prepare to reprise her role as Sarah Connor in the upcoming blockbuster and though doctors initially prescribed hormones to increase body mass, she quickly found they caused side effects she didn't like.

She said: "'My blood pressure was spiking. I was getting angry and I couldn't explain why. Like, explosive! Apparently it turned out I'm just sensitive, and my body didn't like it."

Instead, Linda turned to sports performance specialist Mackie Shilstone for help.

She said: "I only got him because [Serena Williams] was pregnant.

"Mackie put me on supplements and was constantly researching the older body, because he works with pro athletes -- and there are no 60-year-old pro athletes."

Linda was previously married to Bruce Abbott - the father of her son Dalton - and James Cameron but has been single for 15 years and doesn't want to change things.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper columnist Baz Bamigboye: "[My life] 'has been defined by the absence of men. It's the absence of men that has made me thrive.

"My first husband left when I was pregnant. After that, I learned to assemble and build things, because somebody had to put the swing in the garden, and set up the crib."

But the 'Chuck' actress thinks she was "never" a good wife.

She said: "I was a terrible wife, because I forgot to drop everything and make them feel important when they came home.

"I was a terrible wife to my first husband, because he had to deal with my bipolar behaviour, poor fellow. I mean, I just ate him alive...

"I just don't feel that I'm built to be with one person; really, any person."

If she is looking for affection, Linda has her beloved dog Noodles.

She said: "I wake up and kiss my dog, and I'm happy. And she doesn't answer back."

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