Lily James and Matt Smith are reportedly still living together - despite splitting earlier this year.

Lily James

Lily James

The 30-year-old actress and Matt, 37, dated from 2014 until recently - but the high-profile duo are still living together, according to an insider.

The source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Biz on Sunday column: "Lily still has a place she could return to but she hasn't yet."

The celebrity duo recently decided to go their separate ways, after a long period of things not being "right" between them.

A source explained: "Things haven't been right for a while, and a few months ago they decided to finally end it properly.

"It has been difficult because they have many mutual friends, so hopefully it will all stay civilised. But for now the relationship is formally off."

Meanwhile, the former 'Doctor Who' star previously hinted he wants to start a family in the near future, as he said the purpose of life is to "procreate".

Asked what he thinks is the purpose of life, he said: "F**k knows! You're asking the wrong guy. But for me it's my family and friends, getting involved. Taking risks, not looking back. Laughing as much as you can. I don't know. Who knows?

"Every day unveils something different. But children and family are what I'd put at the top of that list."

He also said: "Essentially, the purpose of us all is to procreate."

Lily also previously spoke about wanting to tie the knot with Matt, although she admitted her thoughts on marriage change frequently.

She said: "I've gone through different phases of wanting and not wanting to get married. I don't know where I sit with it now. What matters is the relationship and how you feel about each other.

"I come from the most incredible family, so that means a lot to me. Eventually, sharing your life with a family is the most important thing."