Lily Cole once argued with Nigel Farage about climate change.

Lily Cole

Lily Cole

The 30-year-old model has admitted to losing her temper from time to time, and has recalled one particular row with the divisive politician, who led the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

Lily confessed: "I do get angry occasionally and I've been known to lose my temper; once I had an argument with Nigel Farage about climate change, as he denies it all and I had to put him right!

"I go in and out of reading the news, too, as I feel it distorts my perspective on reality; you become worried and afraid of things that are unlikely to touch your life."

Lily also revealed she's made a conscious effort to avoid reading negative things about herself on social media.

The British beauty has previously allowed harsh criticism to "upset" her - but she now tries to create a gap between herself and other people's perceptions of her.

Lily - who has also starred in various movies, including 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' and 'London Fields' - told Psychologies magazine: "I have a limited relationship with social media; I don't make a point of reading things about me. Negativity has upset me in the past and I'm not saying I'm bulletproof now, but I try not to care too much and create a space between myself and people's perception of me, which can be positive or negative. When it comes to film and theatre, all projects have had polarised reviews and you can never completely avoid reading them. There have been moments when it has upset me, but it means it's interesting if it elicits strong responses from people, which are a mix of love and dislike, so I try not to take that personally."

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