Liam Neeson regularly goes fly fishing to take a break from his Hollywood lifestyle.

The actor does his best to take two months off every year to indulge in some of his favourite pastimes, which include visiting different parts of America to go angling.

Liam Neeson / Credit: WireImage

He explained: "I try to take July and August off every year, do a little bit of fly fishing, I went trekking with my eldest through Utah which was so much fun. It's beautiful. There's a place in Southern Utah called the Grand Steppes, very very, America is so beautiful."

Liam did go on to say that his son Michael, 19, fared better on the trip than he did however, because he has a fear of heights.

Chatting to Jimmy Fallon he said: "In Utah my son and I climbed a little mountain, there's about two-and-a-half-thousand feet I guess, and he went up like a mountain goat, but I just kept going, 'Yeah, I'm with you', and we got to a certain point and he said 'Dad, don't look down'.

"I really do have a fear of heights and of course I went 'Yeah... Waaaah'."

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