Liam Gallagher believes John Lennon is "looking out" for him.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

The 45-year-old musician has long been a fan of the late Beatles rocker, having named his eldest son Lennon, 18, after him, and has now revealed he considers the icon - who was shot and killed outside his Manhattan apartment in 1980 - to be his "spiritual guide" through life.

Speaking of John, the 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker said: "[He's my] spiritual f***ing guide. I do believe he's here. I do believe that he's looking out for me."

And the 'For What It's Worth' singer also referenced the 'Imagine' hitmaker when speaking about the tragic suicides of rockers Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell, as he doesn't understand why musicians would take their own lives when there's "geezers f***ing killing the likes of John Lennon".

He added to Rolling Stone magazine: "There's geezers f***ing killing the likes of John Lennon. Your life's precious. Life is like a f***ing plane, man. There will be turbulence on the way. You gotta truly believe that you'll reach your f***ing final destination, and all will be f***ing good."

Meanwhile, Liam recently revealed he was invited by John's widow Yoko Ono to visit the house she had shared with the musician from 1973 until his tragic death.

Whilst there, the ex-Oasis star was fascinated by a banner written in Japanese that she had in her kitchen, and once Yoko had translated the words for him Liam wrote the saying down and he has included it in his new song 'I've All I Need'.

Liam revealed: "I'll tell you an interesting fact. There's a line in there (on 'I've All I Need') that says 'I hibernate and sing, while gathering my wings.' I was over in New York once and I got a call saying, 'Yoko wants to meet you', and I just called me kid Lennon. So anyway we go to Yoko's house in the Dakota building. Cut a long story short, we go in there and in the kitchen - she invites us in and makes us a cup of tea - and she's got this banner, massive banner round the kitchen, and I said, 'Oh what does that mean?' And she goes, 'Oh John asked the same question when we went to Japan to meet my parents.' Anyway it says 'while I've been hibernating, I've been gathering my wings', and it was when he stopped making music. So I thought, write that down. So anyway, years go by, I've been trying to get it in to a song, could never get it in, and then it happened on that."