Lee Ryan would rather stay at home with his dog than find a girlfriend.

Lee Ryan

Lee Ryan

The Blue singer doesn't enjoy going out on dates and though he thinks he needs to put himself "out there" any try and find love, he'd much rather have a quiet night in with his Cavapoo puppy Georgie.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Lee, 35, said: "I stopped dating for ages because it wore me down a bit. It can be really awkward and not much fun. But I'm dating again now and it's OK. Still, I'd much rather stay in cuddling my Cavapoo dog Georgie than go out dating. You've got to put yourself out there though, haven't you?"

Lee's exes include Liz McClarnon, Samantha Miller - with whom he has son Rayn, 10 - and Jessica Keevil, who he has daughter Bluebell, 11, with.

He famously got romantically close to both Casey Batchelor and Jasmine Waltz on the 2014 series of 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Meanwhile, Lee recently insisted he and his Blue bandmates - Simon Webbe, Antony Costa and Duncan James - will always "around" and won't ever go their separate ways permanently.

He said: "The Blue boys are good; we're all working on different kinds of projects. Blue are always going to be around. We're brothers, we're not one of those groups that fall out and break-up, we love being with each other and I think we'll continue to be with each other until our legs fall off."

Although the 'All Rise' hitmaker loves working with his bandmates, a solo record isn't out of the question for Lee, and he "definitely" be developing his career as an actor in 2019.

The former 'EastEnders' star said: "I'll definitely being doing more acting, maybe some singing, maybe some writing, I don't know, I'm just happy living life right now. Maybe a solo record, maybe not. I don't know."