LeAnn Rimes has opened up about her blended family.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes

The 37-year-old singer's husband Eddie Cibrian has sons Mason, 16 and Jake, 12, with former wife Brandi Glanville and LeAnn insisted that after years of acrimony between her and Brandi, they are all in a good place right now.

She told PEOPLE: "Nobody's fighting, nobody's doing anything weird... it's interesting, the kids are older now, it's fun. The kids are happy and that's all that matters."

Speaking about maintaining peace in the blended family, LeAnn said: "You have to consider everyone's feelings and you have to allow people to have them and you can't take them personally," and added that it is "easier said than done, but at least we shoot for that".

Brandi previously revealed she "had it out" with former arch-enemy LeAnn before they agreed to bury the hatchet.

The reality TV star fell out with the 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' hitmaker in 2009 after she found out that she had been having an affair with Eddie, but she finally decided to put their differences aside in 2018 after they had a lengthy conversation about their feud.

Brandi said: "We were having a birthday party just recently and we got into a really serious conversation. We just kind of had it out about what is right, what is wrong, what's better for the kids, and what bothered me and what bothered her. It was hours of conversation, and it wasn't all pleasant."

Although they're on talking terms now, Brandi admitted they are not "always going to agree on everything" but she feels happier about LeAnn being around her children because she was finally invited into the couple's house.

She explained: "The kids were so happy that day, because I actually got to go inside their house. They love her and she loves them - it's like everyone's happy. I think the hardest part was just her and I going at it, and now that that's done, the kids are happy. They've never been happier."