Lauren Goodger says her new dating app isn't "seedy" and has received "loads" of sign-ups from eager fans.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The 32-year-old former 'TOWIE' star has launched her own dating platform, named Lauren's Little Secret, which claims to be the go-to for "hot, casual hook-ups with flirty girls like Lauren", according to the description on the website.

Lauren is adamant the site is the same as other popular platforms on the internet and is for singles looking for love.

Speaking in her Now magazine column, Lauren said: "I've started a dating website called and in less than 24 hours it had loads of sign-ups! It got a lot of attention when it prematurely launched last week. It's nothing seedy, it's just like most dating apps out there. And of course I wouldn't encourage cheating! People need to lighten up - it's a bit of fun."

Lauren - who recently split from her ex-partner Joey Morrisson - announced the news of her £22-a-month dating website to her Instagram Stories last week to her fans in the hope it would find her and her fans "love".

She wrote: "Making my own dating app!!! Girls and guys keep eyes peeled! I'm going find you (and me) love."

The TV beauties new business venture is reportedly a way for the star to earn some "extra cash" by getting stuck in to the new project.

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