Lauren Goodger says her fame was "addictive" but left her feeling "worthless".

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The 32-year-old reality star is set to make her TV comeback after two years away in the forthcoming series of 'Celebs Go Dating', however, she has confessed that after breaking on to the scene in 'The Only Way Is Essex' alongside her then-boyfriend Mark Wright she was left suffering "anxiety" and "panic attacks".

In an interview with the latest issue of New! magazine, she said: "My whole life has been filled with ups and downs. Finance, family, relationships - I've been through it. Even though I've had anxiety, I've had panic attacks, I take five minutes and I get past it.

"To be honest, I haven't cried for ages - but I cried last week because I needed that release. It's healthy. I'm a human being and I'm not always going to be happy. 'TOWIE' was initially based on mine and Mark's relationship, so there was a lot of interest in us. That's what made fame so addictive. But equally, that's what's hard. One minute you can be so current and be doing so much, and the next you're not doing a whole lot. You can feel worthless. "

Despite going through some rough times in the past, Lauren is looking forward to the future, and teased that although she's "still single technically" she feels now is an "exciting time" for her love life.

She said: "I can't say yes or no, but I am dating. I'm still single technically, for the first time ever really. It's such an exciting time. Plus I haven't done TV for two years so this feels like a real comeback for me."

Lauren's ex Mark, 32, is now married to 'Our Girl' actress Michelle Keegan and both he and Lauren have been rumoured to be returning to 'TOWIE' for the 10th anniversary special.