Lauren Goodger hasn't spoke to her parents since becoming famous.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The 33-year-old reality star - who has a half-brother Tony and a half-sister Nicola - rose to fame on 'The Only Way Is Essex' in 2010, but her time in the spotlight wasn't as appealing to her mum and siblings.

Asked if she had kept in contact with her family during lockdown, she told the latest issue of New! magazine: "No, I don't talk to any of them and they don't talk to me. They're good people, I'm not going to slag them off. I just can't have that in my life.

"I feel very hurt, upset and used at times. It's such a shame since coming into the public eye how much my relationships have changed with my family. It's quite upsetting, but I have to look after me."

Although Lauren's mum rejected to her as a child, and her father started his "own life", she has tried to find peace with her family but feels they set up her up to fail.

She explained: "They probably think, 'If we invite Lauren she won't turn up," so they creates a problem because I feel rejected when they don't invite me.

"I feel like they set me up to fail so they can all go, 'Told ya'."

But Lauren doesn't feel like she's missed out on home life as she has built strong relationships with some close pals, who she often does family things with.

Lauren also opened up on her issues with trolls admitting she is often branded an "attention seeker" for posting scantily-clad selfies on Instagram account and for having an OnlyFans page.

Lauren compared herself to Kim Kardashian West after trolls criticised her for flashing her skin whilst the 39-year-old star receives praise for doing the same on social media.

She said: "Kim posts a topless selfie and she's a feminist. I post a bikini picture and get called an attention seeker. It's double standards. There is no need for it.

"And calling me a bad role model? I just laugh. I'm Kate Middleton's favourite 'TOWIE' star, so I must be doing something right."

Lauren has defiantly hit back at the "haters" and suggested they are jealous of her confidence and her figure.

She added: "I'm like a rock star, so I've got haters. These people aren't happy. I look at them and think, 'You must be so deeply unhappy in your life to be making so much of an effort to comment on mine'.

"Deep down, I know it's jealousy. I don't care what I say or do, I am who I am and that's it."

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